Our Services

Windscreen Repair

Preventing and mending cracks for your on-road safety

racks come in different shapes and sizes on your windscreen.

It can be in a form of jagged lines webbing the glass or a bull-eyed crack obscuring your view. At the worst case scenario, a hole or a completely smashed glass. Whatever the type of cracks your windshield may have, we are confident that we will be able to fix it.

Windscreen Replacement

Making your windscreen look brand new

In some cases, a damage on a windscreen can be beyond repairable.

At times like this, we would advise replacing your broken windscreen with a new one. Given that we have a promise to provide the best service around, we use quality windscreens which have been proven and tested for safety. In terms of insurance claims, most of our windscreens are covered by motor insurances while we will be there to help with the process.

Windscreen Tinting Services

Heat reduction and UV ray prevention

A tinted car has become more of a necessity nowadays, given how global warming has made UV rays more harmful to our skin.

Together with our finest tints and craftsmanship, we are able to provide the much needed UV protection you need during your drive. Other benefits from our tinting includes privacy (depending on the sort of tint you are interested in), comfort (lesser heat entering your vehicle), and glare (protecting your eyes from the sun). Not forgetting, all of our tints are JPJ approved.

Windscreen Headlamp Restoration

Ensuring a safe drive at night

Our Koon Lee headlamp restoration service has been well received for a long time.

One factor determining the brightness or intensity of your vehicle headlamps at night is the casing keeping it intact. A clouded, cracked or yellowed headlamp casing can cause for the headlamp to lose its brightness. As such, we are able to restore the brightness of your headlamps at affordable prices by replacing the casing or repairing it. Our service includes headlamps, tail lights, fog and directional lights.